Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

During the 2020 calendar year, King George Sheriff’s Office like everyone else was affected by the pandemic due to social distancing mandates, however we were still able to participate in a limited number of worthwhile events, with the necessary precautions in place such as: The Special Olympics Polar Plunge, Bright Beginnings Back to School Program and Shop with a Sheriff during the Christmas Holiday.

King George Animal Control had to cancel their Spring and Fall Rabies Clinic in addition to postponing their Co-op Program through King George High School.

The King George Sheriff’s Office also hosted two summer interns, Justin Barnes and Tyler Thompson. Both successfully completed a minimum of 120 hours of internship. Lt. Richards continues to host the TRIAD program for seniors on the second Tuesday of the month on topics such as: various scams and AARP Smart Driver courses, however the pandemic halted that program in March of 2020.

The empowerHOUSE organization supporting survivors of domestic violence continues to be a vital asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of King George County.

The King George Sheriff’s Office had some promotions in 2020 that includes the following:

Deputy Z. Peltola to Detective Z. Peltola, CID
Deputy Z. Johnson to Sergeant Z. Johnson, Patrol
Deputy J. Simmons to First Sergeant J. Simmons, Patrol
Deputy R. Moneyhon to Sergeant R. Moneyhon, Patrol

The King George Sheriff’s Office continued to grow in 2020 with the following additional staff:

Deputy Clinton Bowling-Patrol
Deputy Aaron Franklin-Patrol
Deputy Haryan Rivera-Patrol
Deputy Ryan Rothman-Patrol
Deputy Michael Majors, Jr.-Patrol
Deputy Aaron Marr-Patrol
Deputy Luke Garrant-Patrol
Deputy Laquisha Fields-Courts
Tameka Rollins-Communications Officer
Anessa Swisher-Communications Officer
Krystal Canaday-Communications Officer
Isabella Overby-Communications Officer
Lysa Flowers-Pound Attendant

The King George Sheriff’s Office also celebrated in the retirement of Sergeant Timothy Lyons with 20 years of service, First Sgt. Jonathan Davis with 23 years of service and Lieutenant Kevin Brandts with 28 years of service.

Total calls for service 37,090
Total arrests
Total summonses 4,834
Criminal cases investigated 1,384
Total DUI arrests 69
Total drug arrests 128
Traffic stops 2,981
Civil papers served 6,120
Prisoner transports in VA 300 adults, 11 juveniles
Extraditions-out of state 12
Mental transports  68 (129 Calls for Service)