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1. What is ambulance fee for service and why is King George County implementing this program?
2. What are the charges for emergency medical transport services?
3. When is King George County implementing the Ambulance Fee for Service Program?
4. Who will I call if I have a question regarding billing or insurance coverage?
5. What is the Compassionate Billing Policy?
6. What happens if I do not have insurance or cannot afford to pay for this service?
7. What if my insurance company will not cover my ambulance transport bill?
8. Can the billing company be directed to send uncollected debts to a collection agency?
9. Can you use any taxes (real or personal property) to qualify as the co-pay for County residents to wave out of pocket expenses?
10. Some residents have expressed concern about some people who cannot afford to pay for this service and/or do not have any form of insurance, should they feel this way?
11. Will I have to pay for services if the ambulance does not transport me?
12. How much revenue will be generated?
13. If I do not have health insurance, are there other options that could be utilized to collect for any fees that might be charged?
14. How will the billing process work?
15. Will visitors and non-County residents be charged a co-payment?
16. Will my health insurance premiums increase as a result of this billing?
17. What type of information will I have to give when the ambulance arrives?
18. What if I am not able to provide the insurance information at that time?
19. Who is the Third-Party Billing Contractor that the County is using?
20. What if I want more information or have a question about the Ambulance Fee for Service Program?
21. Have any other localities surrounding King George County decided to implement an Ambulance Fee for Service Program?